We are few, but we brew.

Only a few miles south of Trondheim downtown, magic happens! Our goal is to produce high quality beers. We work hard to brew top quality - to bring great beer to the people. We don't take shortcuts and take pride in every beer we craft.

  • Brewery tours

    Visit our tasting-room and sit down for a brew-talk with us. We also offer guided tours that include samples and brewery classes. Discover our history and production methods by booking at info@brewlab.no.

"Unlike most sharks, hammerheads usually swim in schools during the day, becoming solitary hunters at night."

  • Our beers

    T-Town Lager

    Vienna Lager.

    Welcome to the jungle

    New England India Pale Ale.

    Octopus Ink

    Black Milkshake India Pale Ale.

Beautyis in the eye of the beer holder.

Contact us


Forsøkslia 9, 7050 Trondheim, Norway


+47 986 99 996